Represent your love of arcades with some Arcade Heroes branded merchandise. The main focus has been on T-Shirts, which are professionally made through I also have been looking into Stickers and a few other items to express our love of arcades!

Note: Current items will take you to an off-site link to purchase.

UPDATE – 5/6/2023 – A new print-on-demand store for Arcade Heroes has been opened on RedBubble. This offers a wider range of products that designs can be printed on, and has some better flexibility for artists on the back-end.

Visit the Arcade Heroes Redbubble Shop, here

Or if you still prefer the old shop:

Arcade Heroes On TeePublic


January 23rd 2016 – Several shirts have been added to the Teepublic store, including the latest I Like BIG Games and I Cannot Lie; Fire Laser ; Kessel Run

biggamestshirt firelaser

June 19th 2015 Additions: Cold, Dead Hands / Video Terror / Quarter To Ride

colddeadshirt vidterrorshirt rideshirt

Only At Arcades / Winners Don’t Use Drugs / 1cc When Lit

onlyatarcades dontdrugs


Arcade Joysticks / Arcade Party / Pinball Bowling 

joybagdisplay arcpartydisplay display

Part Arcade / Part Pinball / All Arcadehero / Certified Arcade Hero #1 (Atari Jaguar style) / Certified Arcade Hero #2 (Sega style)

partarcade archerocert1 archerosega

We Will Rock You (Asteroids parody)Thunderstruck (Tempest Parody)

asteroidshero thunderstruck

Stickers and other items pending a good distribution method.