Sega Apex Rebels Is Now Available For Arcades

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Sega Apex Rebels Is Now Available For Arcades

Sega Amusements has announced the availability of their latest arcade game release, Apex Rebels. If you’ve missed out on news for that, read on. I’ll include my details, as well as a press release from Sega.


Soon after appearing on test at Gravity Wandsworth, London, Apex Rebels was announced at the start of November last year, making its industry debut appearance that same month at the IAAPA 2023 trade show event. It is developed on Sega’s behalf by 3MindWave, who have produced several other titles for the company, including VR Agent, Storm Rider 2, and ATV Slam. Since 2021, these have been under the supervision and direction of senior Sega game designer Shinichi Ogasawara (Jambo! Safari, Gunblade N.Y., The Lost World: Jurassic Park).


The game’s cabinet comes with a 65″ screen, an RGB LED matrix marquee, an air bladder powered motion base, a camera, wind effects, force feedback steering, and a boost lever. Sega’s website originally mentioned a smaller 49″ monitor version, spotted on test in the UK and reported by us just prior to its official announcement, but that has since been scrubbed. Perhaps it or a different cheaper configuration will appear down the road. As depicted below, locations can link up to four units, with individual seat colors:

4-player setup for Apex Rebels by 3MindWave and Sega Amusements

The Game

So what kind of racing game is Apex Rebels? As you can see below, it follows the lines of a classic ’90s Sega racer with a few neat visual references of certain titles to boot. Content-wise, the game features four closed circuit courses and five cars varying in stats to choose from. As I’ve written about the deeper mechanics at hand on the blog previously, I’m going to reshare much of that text and some videos, just in case you missed them.

When a race starts, you’re given an actual gauge to where you can rev the engine for a ‘rocket boost’. This sort of thing is usually hidden in most racing games (e.g. Mario Kart), where players can press the gas when the countdown timer reaches ‘2’ or similar. Here, it works like its own little mini-game – much like some reload features in certain console shooter games.

The game focuses a lot on the boost upgrade system, whereby driving through colored checkpoint rings, it will change how one boosts. There are three boosts: Slipstream, Power Drifts, and Aero-Drifts. The latter is one that sends your car into the air, transforming it to look a bit like the flying DeLorean in Back To The Future Part II (a similar mechanic was originally incorporated in Sega’s older Indy 500 as a fun easter egg, but removed in the final build after tests). The boost is activated by a lever on the right – I was thinking it would feel better if it was a spring loaded lever but that might put its cost too high. A puff of air does hit you when you boost, which is always a nice touch.

I had the chance to discuss the above deeper mechanics with one of the developers from 3MW, a few of whom were indeed on hand at Sega’s IAAPA 2023 booth. He explained how the game adjusts the player’s driving apex on the fly, even showing me a map of the titular apexes, and how they can be used to the drivers’ own advantage on corners. I won’t pretend to fully understand how all of that works (here’s a helpful link that explains the apex in terms of racing) but suffice it to say, the game does learn how you drive and adjusts the adaptive difficulty accordingly. This is so it can play well for both casual and ‘hardcore’ players, in spite of the lack of a manual gear shifter.

Pricing always varies between distributors, but one quoted me a little above $18k USD per seat. Again, that might vary some. Hopefully there’s another cabinet option made available at a lower price for us poorer locations at some point. Sega did do that with a standard version of ATV Slam, and they’ve done plenty of other SD models, so there is always a chance.

What do you think about Apex Rebels? Would you like a location near you to grab a couple or more?

Sega’s Press Release

Get ready to become the hottest arcade in town with Apex Rebels!

Get ready to deliver an extraordinary arcade experience to your guests with Apex Rebels! “This game has taken the industry by storm and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback since its successful debuts in both the US and Europe. Due to the incredible demand, we have increased our production capacity. Therefore, we encourage operators to take immediate action and place their orders now to secure a spot in the production queue” Justin Burke, Sales Director from SEGA Amusements, urges operators to act fast.

Become a racing pro with Apex Rebels! SEGA Amusements, brings you an all-new thrilling video motion game that’s a must-have for arcade, FEC, and entertainment operators, delivering a unique racing experience like no other. So, racers, start your engines and prepare for an experience your players won’t forget! To help them on their journey to become champion, players have the choice of five high-octane race cars, each with unique liveries and styling features. Throughout the race, players are encouraged to pass through checkpoints, which give speed boosts and unlock advanced skills like Slipstream, Power Drift, and Aero-Drift. Aero-Drift is a unique feature to Apex Rebels, where players can boost through the air, allowing them to effortlessly overtake their rivals. Every aspect of gameplay is designed to be thrilling and encourages a competitive spirit, all in the hope of seizing victory!

The stunning cabinet of Apex Rebels is a showstopper in its own right. Jaw-dropping race cars equipped with a motion base allow players to become immersed in the action, feeling every bump, twist, and turn. With the added vibrant LED lighting and eye-catching race liveries, this cabinet is an instant draw no matter where it is in your arcade! The massive 65″ LED monitor, and the huge panoramic LED Video Billboard displays the leaderboard and track map, engaging spectators to also get in on the action and cheer on their favourite racers. With the power of Unreal Engine 5, Apex Rebels delivers awe-inspiring graphics that are too good to resist. The steering wheel’s force feedback, combined with a real physics engine, provides an authentic sense of control in real-time. All these elements come together to deliver an unparalleled level of immersion that keeps players coming back for more time and time again!

So don’t miss this chance to supercharge your location and become a winner with Apex Rebels!

For more information or to order contact SEGA Amusements International at +44 (0)208 391 8090 / +1 847-364-9787;

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