Apex Rebels by 3MindWave Seen On Test In The UK

arcadehero November 2, 2023 0

UPDATE: Sega has officially revealed Apex Rebels, find out all the details by clicking here.

A brand new racing game from 3MindWave called Apex Rebels has been spotted on test in the UK. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of info to go off of at the moment, but it’s enough to make this a brief story. I’ll break down what we’ve got though, so hop on in for a quick ride.

For some context first: you may be thinking “Who is 3MindWave?”. They are a studio out of Hong Kong who have created a few games for Sega Amusements, namely ATV Slam, Jumanji, VR Agent, and Storm Rider 2. 3MW do have at least one original Sega game designer and director working alongside them too – Mr. Oga-Shi (Gunblade N.Y., Jambo! Safari, Let’s Go Jungle, Mission: Impossible Arcade, among many others). Let’s share a video from one of these to pad the post out!

Apex Rebels – What We Know

Now for Apex Rebels, this was spotted just over a week ago by reader and occasional AH co-contributor Ted via an Instagram reel from Funbox Wandsworth in the UK, where the game has been on test. This reel is very short, and being filmed in vertical orientation as most phone apps love means we have to pause and squint a bit, but Ted did some editing work and came up with this proper image from it:

Shot at an angle showing the colorful Apex Rebels sit down arcade cabinet being played

From this we know:

  • It’s by 3MindWave (their logo is on the top back of the seat)
  • It’s a racing game
  • Camera
  • 43″ or 47″ screen


  • What’s the blue LED ring to the left (right above the girl’s hand, center bottom)? Is it a reader?
  • Motion base?

From what I’ve been hearing will be at Sega’s IAAPA booth, this one has not even been hinted at, so if Apex Rebels is there, it would be a nice surprise. Given that Sega will be launching Hyper Cross there, I would expect this one to come along later next year. Seeing as it’s been testing in the UK at one of their frequent sites though, perhaps EAG in January 2024 is when it might debut.

That’s all for now – what do you think from the little that we know about Apex Rebels?

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