Sega’s PS3 Virtua Stick

Twisted Supreme April 3, 2007 0


Now I can finally play VF5 how it should be, not a bad price for such a solid joystick, thanks to SPOnG for spotting this; 

One for the hardcore amongst you here; SPOnG has just discovered that a version of the best arcade style joystick ever manufactured – Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade (pictured) – has just been made available for PlayStation 3.

If you have a PS3 then, by our reckoning, you should also have a copy of Sega’s sublime Virtua Fighter 5.

Should this be the case, then there is no valid reason why you shouldn’t be considering spending an extra £41 on obtaining this essential bit of Sega hardware.

The Dreamcast may well be dead, yet the Sega hardware dream lives on in the shape of this beautifully made, solid-as-a-rock controller.

You can pick one up right now from Play Asia.

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