Arcade Heroes – Arcade & Pinball Gaming Almanac 2018/2019 Edition

Whether you are new to the arcade business or you’ve been around the delights of out-of-home leisure for decades, this new Almanac is for you! This is a follow-up to The Arcade Experience: A Look At Modern Arcades And Why They Still Matter, now with a different focus on the same industry.

Arcade Heroes Arcade & Pinball Gaming Almanac 2018/2019 Edition

This is a media heavy book – almost like a comic book – in that every page was an image instead of text. I did all of the art design myself; a text as well as a print version are in the works and are aiming for additional platforms such as Nook.

Learn about the current state of the industry, learn terminology, which companies are producing new content, what games are currently in production (across video arcades, pinball, videmption and more) and what is coming soon. This media heavy eBook will get anyone up-to-speed with what is going on with the amusement business of 2018 & 2019.

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Looking for The Arcade Experience? Click here.

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