Indie Arcade Games

This page has been created to track “indie” (i.e., independently produced, generally by a very small team with limited resources) arcade games. These games often don’t receive much attention outside of a few small pockets of niche interests online, and because they rarely receive support from distributors, few operators tend to purchase them.

If you’re looking for a network of other indie arcade devs, then I’d recommend staying tuned to this site but also checking out Indie Arcade Wave. I have also owned and operated a number of the games below over the years, so if you’re working on something and would like some tips/advice on what works and what doesn’t, feel free to contact me using the contact form above.

If there are any games missing, please let me know – to count, they will have to have been released in some quantity of units (at least more than 2? Not sure what the cut-off should be) and have to work in a coin-operated cabinet. Kits are ok, as that is often the only way some indies can manage a release; Note that Airframe, exA-Arcadia, and the NEO GEO MVS will all be considered kit games, as they tend to be cartridge releases.

Aka & Blue Type-R (Tanoshimasu, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Akyrios EXA (Daragon, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Armed & Gelatinous (Three Flip Studios, 2019)

Black Emperor (BumbleBear Games, 2019)

Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack- (FK Digital, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Cosmotrons (Arcadeaholics, 2018)

Death Ball (Tony Hauber, 2017)

DoDonPachi True Death Exa Label (CAVE/TEAM EXA-AM2, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Enter The Gungeon: House of the Gundead (Griffin Aerotech/Devolver Digital, 2022?)

Fast Striker (NG: DevTeam, 2010, NEO GEO MVS)

Fight of Gods Arcade Edition (Digital Crafter, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Galactic Battleground (Slackerz Inc.. 2018)

Get Outta My Face! (Snowrunner, 2008)

Gimmick! ExAct Mix (Sunsoft/TEAM EXA AM1, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Gunlord (NG: DevTeam, 2012, NEO GEO MVS)

Infinos Exa (Picorinne Soft, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

JPO in SLC (Rest 30 Records, 2018)

Killer Queen Arcade (BumbleBear, 2014)

Kraut Buster (NG: DevTeam, 2020, NEO GEO MVS)

Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (Jae Lee. 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Last Hope: Pink Bullets (NG:DevTeam, 2011, NEO GEO MVS) 

Lightning Knights (TiKiPOD, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

NAVE Arcade (Videogamo, 2013)

NEO XYX (NG:DevTeam, 2013, NEO GEO MVS) 

NEON FM (Unit-E Technologies, 2016)

Project NEON (Fullset, 2021?, NEO GEO MVS)

Psyvariar Delta AC (Success/City Connection, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Rashlander (RyGuy Games, 2018, Airframe)

Razion (NG: DevTeam, 2014, NEO GEO MVS)

Retro Raccoons (Glitchbit, 2021)

Shikhondo Red Purgatory (Deer Farm, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Skycurser (Griffin Aerotech, 2017, Airframe)

Step Mania X (Step Revolution, 2018)

Strania EX (G.Rev, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Super Battle Princess Madelyn (Monster Bath Games, 2020, exA-Arcadia)

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown (Tipping Goat, 2019)

Switch ‘N’ Shoot (Matt Glanville / DSM Arcade, 2019)

The Act: An Interactive Comedy (Cecropia, 2007)

The Spectre Files: Deathstalker (Galloping Ghost Productions / Game Refuge, 2019)

Tipsy Raccoons (Glitchbit, 2018)

Vritra Hexa (neotro inc., 2020, exA-Arcadia)

When It Hits The Fan (Heart Felt Games, 2017)

World’s Fastest Drummer (Unit-E Technologies, 2017)

Xeno Crisis (Bitmap Bureau, 2021, NEO GEO MVS)


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