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IAAPA 2009 videos – Dead Storm Pirates, UNIS booth (w. Cooking Mama & H2Overdrive motion), Big Buck Hunter Open Season, Textminator

Shaggy November 23, 2009 8

I have finally resolved the problem with Youtube not accepting the videos for Dead storm Pirates and the UNIS booth – convert them to AVI files. Unfortunately they become blocky and lose detail so

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Jerad's Choice BBH Online Tourney

Shaggy November 12, 2008 0

Sorry about the lack of updates the past few days – I’ve been busy, busy ,busy with the arcade and other things in life. It seems like when one machine breaks down they all

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Big Buck Hunter Online Region Qualifying Finalists revealed

Shaggy October 7, 2008 0

Thanks to a link posted in the comments to news on the BBH World Championship, we have a look at those who qualified in the regional tournaments to the game and they will move

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Big Buck Hunter Pro Online Tourney News

Shaggy August 9, 2008 2

Here is some brief news about the Big Buck Hunter tournaments currently going on. The Regional Qualifiers began yesterday and as a reminder are going until Sep. 7th. To enter one simply needs to

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The Big Buck Hunter Pro 2008 World Championship Tournament (Updated)

Shaggy July 28, 2008 1

Another tournament is on the way with Big Buck Hunter, which has been made easier to do with their online version of the game (I’m still looking forward to the online upgrade to BBS).

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Next up on the Big Buck Hunter tournies – RAM JAM

Shaggy July 12, 2008 0

Big Buck Safari has been one of my best earning games at my arcade recently (although last week it was beat by (brace yourselves) Indiana Jones Pinball which was the best earning game for

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The Big Buck Bowl

Shaggy May 8, 2008 0

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to my distributor today to talk about games and some options and one thing we talked about was Big Buck Hunter Online. I did have

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