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Cave’s Akai Katana now available in Japan

Shaggy August 19, 2010 0

(Thanks to Casey McMahon for the tip) The new CAVE shooter Akai Katana (aka Red Sword) that was able to attract some attention from various sources on the internet is now available in Japan.

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Videos from the Akai Katana (aka Red Sword) location test

Shaggy July 25, 2010 0

(Thanks to ECM for the tip) Interested in seeing CAVE’s new shooter Akai Katana? Then here are some of the first videos of the game in action, as seen recently on location test. I’m

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CAVE tests new shmup "Red Sword" in Japan

Shaggy July 17, 2010 2

CAVE has a new shmup they are testing in Japan, called Red Sword (or Red Katana if you want to make it sound cool).  It’s not surprising news that Cave has a new shooter

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