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Konami readies Road Fighters for release

Shaggy September 13, 2010 3

It’s been almost a full year since we first revealed the development of a new Konami racer called Road Fighters and now Konami is finally ready to bring the game to market. It has

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Konami's Road Fighters goes 3D (updated)

Shaggy April 23, 2010 3

Remember Konami’s Road Fighters? Since we first heard about the game last September, there has been little to no information popping up about the game, until today where an anonomyous tipster sent us a

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Konami brings back Road Fighter, now labelled as Road Fighters

Shaggy September 24, 2009 2

Thanks to an anonymous tip, we have received some details on a new title that Konami had out on location test in Japan last week called Road Fighters. For anyone who knows their Konami

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