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Shaggy's Review: Blade Master by Irem

Shaggy March 13, 2008 1

Since I covered scrolling fighters in my Missing in Action article recently, I figured that it would be good to cover one in my next review. This week we’re taking a look at a

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Shaggy's Weekly Review – 1942 by Capcom

Shaggy December 20, 2007 0

This week I’m going with a true arcade classic, which also happened to be the first arcade game I purchased for my own collection. Images via KLOV. —————————————————————————————– 1942 by Capcom Players: 1-2 (not

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Shaggy's Weekly Review: Let's Go Jungle by Sega

Shaggy October 18, 2007 0

In trying to keep up with reviewing newer titles, this week I’m reviewing Let’s Go Jungle (Deluxe edition)by Sega. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park by Sega you’ll probably enjoy this too, and it has

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