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Banpresto's Wacky Races reappears on location test in Japan

Shaggy July 11, 2010 3

Chalk this up to the big surprise of the month (so far) but way back in 2007 a new kart-style racing game appeared on location test at the Trocadero in London called Wacky Races.

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Konami ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 31, 2008 0

(More photos after the break)  Last of the big names is Konami. I have to say thier stand was a bit on the sparse side. Guitar Freaks  & Drum Mania V4 where present and attracting

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Konami ATEi 2008 Videos: Wacky Races, Guitar Freaks V4 & Drummania V4

Twisted Supreme January 23, 2008 0

[Have now added Guitar Freaks & Drummania V4 videos submitted by  You Tube user “bigaloo”] Guitar Freaks V4 Drummania V4 Wacky Races   Now this one confused me. The game is made by Gamewax and

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Wacky Races to be at ATEI

Shaggy January 14, 2008 0

While we weren’t sure about it at first, The Stinger Report confirms that Wacky Races will be at ATEI this year at booths U2240 and U2110. And also thanks to TSR we have the

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Namco also prepping for a big ATEI '08 – new Raw Thrills' title announced.

Shaggy January 9, 2008 0

We’ve already heard from Sega and Konami so it was only a short time before Namco threw their hat into the ring of what to expect from them at ATEI. From the press release

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Location Test Video: Wacky Races

Twisted Supreme December 2, 2007 5

As promised….. I’ll have to apologize for the shakiness of the video. This is not down to me being on a bender last night, more to do with the fact that I was on

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Wacky Races On Secret Location Test At London Trocadero

Twisted Supreme December 2, 2007 1

  Received a great tip yesterday from site reader Jimmy Beech. Read on…. Yo arcade dudes! Thought you’d wanna know that I saw a new racing game at Funland today, some guy there said

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