Review: Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting (XBLA)

Twisted Supreme December 6, 2006 0



 I had been waiting for ages for this game to be released on Live Arcade, my 800 points were ready for the purchase and I even got up early to download this as soon as it was released. In some ways it did not disappoint. It felt very similar to the arcade version and looked as good as it’s always done. My only gripes with this version of the arcade classic is that it seems damn harder that it used to be on single player, or have I lost my touch? Also the online vs mode is great other than the fact it can be occasionally tricky to get a ranked game. I found the best way to play online is in the quarter match mode where you can invite up to 3 friends to play and it works on a winner stays on format. In this mode all the participating players get to chat which usually leads to alot of banter which is great unless in turns in to the inevitable trash talking! Overall this game is as fun to play as it has always been plus you have the added bonus of online play and leaderboards, which is finally the definitive way to really prove you are the ultimate world warrior!

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