Double Dragon punches its way on to XBLA

Twisted Supreme December 7, 2006 0


Retro fighter leads new downloadable games

If maximum volume hair, denim cut-off jackets and a relentless fist-fight sounds like a good evening out to you, Xbox Live Arcade could well save you an ASBO!

Classic 80’s side-scrolling beat-em-up, Double Dragon, is confirmed for a Marketplace debut…
Featuring the brothers Lee as they battle through a post Nuclear NYC, you fight against an evil organisation known as the Black Warriors. Whilst trying to rescue the girl and safeguard the secrets of the Double Dragons simetaneously, players will punch, kick and headbutt their way towards a final showdown with machine gun wielding boss,  Willy Mackey.

The cost or an exact release date has not been announced but this game leads yet another wave of strong Arcade titles including the cell-shaded hoverboard shooter, Street Trace: NYC, and the ‘game & watch’ nostalgia offered by Root Beer Tapper! Thanks to OXM for this one.

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