Sega Releases 'Initial D Arcade Stage 4' in Arcades Around Japan

Twisted Supreme February 28, 2007 0


Tokyo, Feb 27, 2007 (JCN) – Sega announced the release of ‘Initial D Arcade Stage 4,’ the newest version of the popular racing game. In the new version, players will be able to race against other players in different arcades by the use of ALL.Net (a comprehensive arcade network service) and the ‘Initial D Driver’s License (IC Card).’Sega also plans to provide a paid service called ‘Initial D.NET’ starting in March, where players can access through their personal computers or cell phones to look at stats, to customize their cars or to form racing teams.

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 wilis available for play in arcades around the nation starting from February 21, 2007.

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