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Twisted Supreme April 10, 2007 1



Sonic’s first arcade outing was this strange isometric 3 player trackball controlled effort, players 2 and 3 were either Ray (an early versions of what would eventually become Tails) or Mighty (who would later appear in only 1 game Knuckles Chaotix)

The early Prototype was shown as only a one player game with just Sonic in it (as shown below)

For the life of me I can not find a cabinet shot of this game, which is annoying as I really can’t remember what it looked like. I only ever played it once, and that was at the Trocadero when I was about 12 and again I really don’t recall much about it. That’s mainly why I’ve put this up in the vain hope that someone might know where one is?

[Thanks MetaFox @ Arcade Addicts for the Sugeestion]


Edit: Now I have cabinet shots, courtesy of MetaFox @ Arcade Addicts


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  1. andy April 10, 2007 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    If I remember correctly, there’s one at the basement arcade at the MGM complex in Vegas (NOT GameWorks). I could be very wrong though.

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