Galaga on Virtual Console

Twisted Supreme April 11, 2007 1


Another round of updatings sidled online today, with the North American Wii Virtual Console offering further bolstered by three new retrograde games.

Arcade classic Galaga will be available from today costing 500 Wii points, this being the NES version of Namco’s old skool favourite. And for the uninitiated, Galaga sees you battling all manner of alien spacecraft, top-down shooter style.

Then there’s Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, which you can bag for 800 Wii points, and hails from the Megadrive. The platform gamewas certainly popular back in the day, and this version features 11 levels of taxing jumping and running.

Finally, this week’s last VC update comes in the form of another Turbografx revival, this time for Bravoman. Another Namco developed title is the dish of the day, with a mixture of fighting and platforming on the agenda. This game will set you back 600 Wii points.

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  1. Tyler Sticker May 24, 2011 at 8:32 am - Reply

    Gosh, galaga… who didn’t love it. As a kid I worked to play – my newspaper route sponsored the compulsion! All my dollars and cents were poured into the machine at the local games arcade. I was once banned for refusing to let others play…

    Anyway, look what I found – a vintage t-shirt of the game! What the hec, I’m gonna buy one and relive the glory days!

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