Capcom beats projections but arcade division down

Shaggy May 21, 2007 0

Here’s something interesting that was virtually overlooked about the recent news of Capcom’s financial earnings – while sales and operating income went up, few reported that Capcom’s arcade division dropped nearly 18 percent to $16 million. This isn’t difficult to explain of course, as it has been quite a while since Capcom released anything big in the arcade besides redemption based games. Perhaps if they showed a little more love to arcades that wouldn’t have been a low number although it’s obvious that they are worrying much more about their console division as that’s where the money is. If they were¬† planning on pumping up their arcade division, then we would have heard something at either ATEI or AOU this year, but that front remained practically silent. Still, we can’t help but wish that Capcom was a little more on the ball with bringing some new gaming goodness to the arcade.

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