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Twisted Supreme May 23, 2007 0

Now I’m far to lazy to make my own arcade cabinet, even though I’ve said in the past that I’m going to. But making your very own pinball table is just plain hardcore and I have a lot of admiration for anyone that takes on this task. This little gem was found on RetroBlast as was the mad pinball tattoo at the very bottom. That’s on a girl too, now that’s my kind of lady!

“I’m sure many of you have read the “DIY Pinball” story in this month’s GameRoom Magazine, where Jeff Mathews made his own “kid-sized” pinball (including designing his own control board!) Well, there’s another home-brew pinball machine in the works, this time a full-sized pin that will be called “Coconut Island“:

Designed by two Austrailans (“Vegemite Nick” and “Nuggy”), it’s a fully custom pinball machine that will be controlled by a standard PC. Coconut Island will also use an “off the rack” LCD PC monitor for the display, meaning that they may be the first to ever create a pinball machine with a color LCD DMD (Dot-Matrix Display).

The software is being coded, the machine is in early whitewood status, and frequent updates to the web site are promised. This is a huge undertaking, and it should be fun to see what they come up with!”

Coconut Island Web Site

“Amy had her tattoo done by Darren Brass of Miami Ink, and now the whole world will know of her passion for pinball.”


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