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Twisted Supreme July 12, 2007 2

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Space is at a premium at this year’s Preview 2008.  Organisers Howard & Wikberg have been inundated with requests for larger stands, with some companies increasing their presence at the industry-leading show by up to five times!In the Champagne Suite the most obvious changes to visitors will be that Crown Direct has combined stands CH14 and CH15 to create the largest ever stand at Preview.  Astra Games has doubled the size of its stand and now occupies CH2 and CH3.  

United Distributing Company have increased their stand size and others such as Brent Electronic have moved from the Entrance Hall to a new larger stand (CH17) inside the Champagne Suite.

In the Chablis Suite the changes are no less marked.  Hamayoon Amusements has moved from NT55 to NT50, effectively increasing its area by five times.  

Hazel Electronics has doubled its stand size and Playsafe Monitoring has moved from NT36 to NT58.  Reflex Gaming has chosen a significantly larger space to showcase its latest products.

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