Be "the Pac-Man" with the Pac-Man Plush Head

Shaggy July 27, 2007 1


Do you love Pac-Man so much that you will make your own costumes or items to appear like the world’s most famous yellow eating machine? Well now you don’t have to – simply buy one of these Pac-Man plush heads from Namco. Yes, now you can make your head ‘officially’ look like it is Pac-Man, and only for $30 at that! Cosplayers everywhere rejoice! In fact it’s tempting to get one of these for Halloween. I’d never need a different costume again.

At the moment Ms. Pac-Man is nowhere to be seen but give it a little time and I am sure Namco will capitialize on both her and Pac-Man Jr. It’s only a matter of time.

[Club Namco’s Pac-Man Plush Head]

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for the Tip] [Discuss on the Forum]

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