Pinball Pandemonium – When Pins Meet Photoshop

Shaggy July 27, 2007 0


[Via Kevin Williams @ The Stinger Report]

Some guys at (specifically the Something Awful Forum Goons as the site says) decided to have a bit of fun with pinball machines this week, creating some amusing results. It has been a while since I checked that site out but it always seems good for some laughs(or something offensive, depending on your taste). It’s just too bad that they have to say that everybody hates pinball – my guess is they haven’t tried out any of the new pins lately which happen to be a lot of fun.  There are 6 pages worth of photoshopped pinball machines, some you might like, some may tick you off but I suppose it’s important to not get too uptight about these things and just have a laugh.

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