EA Sports NASCAR debuting at AAMA gala today

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I believe I overlooked this press release with the America’s Army news. In addition to AA, GlobalVR will be showing off EA NASCAR at the AAMA Gala that has been going on this week. I caught something interesting in the press release where it states that John Ray ‘ex-Atari racing guru’ spearheaded the games development. He was one person behind San Fransisco Rush, although I couldn’t find any other racing games under his name (Rush is one of my favorite racing games however).  Hit the break for the press release.

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SAN JOSE, Calif – (July 23, 2007) — GLOBAL VR® is pleased to announce that EA SPORTS™ NASCAR® Racing will premier at the August 3rd AAMA Gala in Itasca, Illinois. The fully licensed NASCAR game has hit all major development milestones and is now ready to be introduced to the coin-op market. Jim DeRose, GLOBAL VR president and CEO commented, “We are anxious to present this NASCAR masterpiece to distributors, and what better way to do that than at our Industry Gala? Extensive consumer and field testing have given us the data with which to make our final game adjustments. We are confident that this will not only meet our industry’s expectations but significantly exceed them.” He went on to comment, “NASCAR’s game development has been spear-headed by John Ray, GLOBAL VR Vice-President and Executive Producer and ex-Atari racing game guru. John, along with his experienced team, has pulled out all the stops and the end result is nothing less than spectacular.”

GLOBAL VR entered into an exclusive agreement with Electronic Arts which gives GLOBAL VR rights to develop and manufacture the only coin-operated version of EA’s NASCAR franchise hit. “NASCAR racing fans will recognize the tracks, the drivers, and the cars,” said Jim DeRose. He went on to comment, “While others might suggest their games are NASCAR licensed by using the city names and look-alike cars, only GLOBAL VR’s game will deliver the real-deal. And, as guests at Gala will learn, when you see the extra-ordinary game cabinet and get seated behind the wheel the NASCAR experience will be complete!”

EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing will be available in deluxe, motion-deluxe, and a very affordable standard cabinet configuration. The game cabinets will be linkable and offer players the opportunity to race against 30 different NASCAR drivers in 30 different cars. Featured tracks will include six major, well known tracks.

For information about other GLOBAL VR products, please visit www.globalvr.com or contact your local GLOBAL VR distributor or sales representative.

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