Eternal Knights release from Konami; Sega's Initial D4 gets an update

Shaggy August 6, 2007 0

[Via Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report]

Konami has released a new RPG for arcades in Japan known as Eternal Knights. It is a terminal based dungeon exploring game that unfortunately not see an international release but it looks really cool. One day I hope to see a new RPG in arcades outside of Japan – it seems like the last one I played (that isn’t considered a ‘real’ RPG by some standards) was Gauntlet Legends and that was almost 10 years ago.Perhaps one day if we are patient enough. Here are some screenshots thanks to Stinger.

eterk1.jpg eternk2.jpg

On top of that, just weeks after the release of ID4 Ver. 1.2 in Japan Sega has alreadyinitd4.jpg released a software update for the game to enhance the online experience through the Sega ALL.NET network. While the upgrades were not specified, it is good to see Sega on top of these things, getting updates out in a timely manner for their arcade titles.

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