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Shaggy August 17, 2007 0

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While checking up on the Sega Amusements (US) website I noticed a banner for their new racer Initial D4 that states “Click here to see what all of the HYPE is about!”. I think they need to work on the hype part a little more by releasing some videos and screens to some of the big game websites to get the word out but I digress. It will take you to a page that appears to have been written for arcade operators to sell them on the game and it includes some interesting testing data that shows how much the game made on certain dates in both the US and the UK. Price was $2 per play in the US (ouch) and £1 in the UK. The game made a considerable amount more at the UK location, raking in almost $5,500 in one day, which is pretty impressive although it had two cabinets instead of 1.

They also have a link to the official ID4 website (in English) that I did not know about which features a good amount of information about the game, how it plays, how the cards work and also some screenshots. This game looks really good and if players know about the internet rankings it could be a good hit.

[Sega Initial D4 site for operators] [Official Sega Initial D4 website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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