GlobalVR Updates Website – adds America's Army and NASCAR info

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GlobalVR has updated their website with a slightly new look as well as information on their new releases NASCAR Racing and America’s Army. This includes the brochures for each title and a few screenshots. Prior to this, we hadn’t seen any views of what the game action itself would look like. It is still hard to tell how America’s Army appears as the pictures are very small but there are a few shots of NASCAR up and available and it looks pretty good although as with any game it is better to judge by seeing the game in action as opposed to still shots. Some information revealed about each game from the brochures:

America’s Army:

AA has 8 game modes including: Sniping Course, Shoot House,Shotgun Training, Mover Target, Pistol Range, Point Man, Grenade Course and Indoor Shooting Range. From the brochure it appears that the game has a heavy focus on team play (somewhat like Let’s Go Jungle) and it also includes a “dynamic difficulty system” to make it easy for 1st timers and hard for return players. I’m not sure if that means that the game can tell if you suck at it really quickly or if it will allow you to register yourself and save your progress. The game does have leaderboards and seems to make it a point so perhaps the high scores will be more prominently displayed than is standard, although it is not clear how. As with any shooter, it also will have hidden bonuses to find in each stage so at the very least it looks like this game with have a good amount of replay value.

NASCAR Racing:

NASCAR features 6 recreated NASCAR tracks including Daytona, Talladega, Bristol, Phoenix, Lowe’s and Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s (a * on the brochure indicates that the Indianpolis track is available in the US version of the game only). You can choose from 12 different drivers (I won’t list them all here but the popular ones such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and others are there) and there are 18 other non-selectable opponents on the track. You’ll be able to do draft boosts to try and catch the lead and of course the game supports multiplayer. The force feedback is mentioned in the brochure (I assume developed by Immersion Technologies), as is a 4-speed shifter and 6 speaker audio system. Each version of the game (standard, deluxe and motion deluxe) are also mentioned, with most of the focus laying on the deluxe version (which is also pictured on the pdf).

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