ATEI 2008 Creates Grounds For Exhibitor Optimism!

Twisted Supreme September 4, 2007 0


Not long to go until Preview, then ATEi will be along in no time! 

[via Coin-Op News]

Five companies will be increasing their ATEI 2008 ground floor stand space by an impressive total of 288 square metres. The move is being heralded as a massive vote of confidence for the new Earls Court layout, which made its debut in January 2007.

ATEI 2008, which runs from Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th January, will see UK coin-op and amusement product distributor Crown Direct increase its floor space from 563sqm to 645sqm; gaming machine distributors MDM Leisure from 148sqm to 256sqm; online gaming company Play4Win / WettPunkt from 88sqm to 125sqm; Nova Productions from 66sqm to 102sqm; and AWP specialists AMG from 55sqm to 80sqm. The rise marks a 31 per cent growth in presence for the quintet.

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