Gone Fishin' Impressions

Shaggy September 5, 2007 1


I finally had a chance to try out the Gone Fishin’ game that I mentioned in one of my first posts on Arcade Heroes. It’s actually pretty fun although it certainly wouldn’t do that well on it’s own. It comes as part of a package of games on a touchscreen system by JVL. When you first get into the game it gives you options for modern or classic games. Gone Fishin’ can be found in the classic game section. Once you start it tells you how to play and then begins. At first I screwed up as I pressed the wrong place on the screen, then I noticed the bear nose in the lower right hand corner. The game is about timing and hitting the fish that jumps out of the hole at the right moment before it falls back in. The fish will fly along, slide, bounce or sometimes nose-dive straight into the snow. The object of the game is to get as many fish to fly the furthest away from your spot as possible. The game gives you about a minute to play and it’s actually a lot of fun. I didn’t have time to try out any of the other touchscreen games but I will give those a try next time I drop by my distributors place.

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  1. shelia maney September 12, 2011 at 6:07 am - Reply

    can the gone fishing game package be downloaded?

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