Former Donkey Kong Champ Chats With Twin Galaxies

Twisted Supreme September 11, 2007 0


How these guys have the patience to keep going for these impossible high score is beyond me, although I can appreciate how you can get hooked. The one that has got me at the moment is Pac-Man CE on XBLA, but I could never dream of competing with this guy in terms of dedication.

[via Twin Galaxies]

Tim Sczerby of Auburn, NY made video game history on August 17, 2000 when he scored 879,200 points on the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Tim broke a long standing previous world record that had been held by former (and now current) DK champ Billy Mitchell. Tim’s record stood unbeaten for three years until it was eclipsed by Steve Wiebe of Redmond, WA and Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, FL.

Tim has a great deal of passion for Donkey Kong and the recent events surrounding the game, and shared his memories of world championship fame with Twin Galaxies. 

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