Small Town Politics: Coin-op Arcade Wins Fight to Open

Twisted Supreme September 11, 2007 0

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This is more like it, power to the arcades.

Although I am slightly annoyed at the people protesting it’s opening, it’s not like they were trying to open up a 24 hour strip/night club now, is it?

Clyde McClain of Crowley asked the council to grant him a permit to open Mac Daddy’s Indoor Amusement Center… in the Quail Creek residential neighborhood.

During a public hearing…  three Crowley residents voiced opposition to the location, hours and noise level of the center. Dottie Sargent, who has family living close to the center, said she is concerned about the noise coming from an establishment aimed mostly at children and teenagers.

“I don’t care how old the people are or how young, there’s going to be a lot of noise,” she said. “We don’t need that over there. I’m very violently opposed to this whole thing.”

…Mayor Billy Davis said he understood the residents’ concerns but saw no reason to deny the permit request… Still, the center’s hours were a problem for some council members… so the council and McClain agreed to an 11 p.m. closing Fridays and Saturdays

 As reported by the Burleson-Crowley Connection:

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