Report from 45th JAMMA show – Arcade industry booming

Shaggy September 15, 2007 0

I feel bad that we haven’t been able to post much on the 45th Amusement Show – I’ve been sidetracked by work lately and with that and working on my arcade, it’s been busy. Fortunately a large number of videos of the event have shown up on youtube, which I would post but at the moment I’m at a computer that has such access to youtube blocked. That’s work for you.

One thing I did find very interesting that came out of the show is the report about the arcade industry itself and it’s status from April 06 to March 07. It is reported that the industry has been booming this past year, although it is a little unclear from the translator if it’s 3% or 12.1%. It might be that sales of games are up 12% and the industry as a whole is up 3%. Either way, the increase in sales is quite apparent. With better games coming out this year, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see the arcade industry grow, and hopefully that will be accompanied by more operators opening businesses to hold the games.

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