'Action Detective' by Konami uses new motion controls for beat 'em up gameplay

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With the AM Show over an done with, it is a little disheartening seeing all of the games that Japanese manufacturers are working on, knowing that many of them will not be released overseas. That might be the case with a new title from Konami that is currently in location testing in Japan called ‘Action Detective’.

From what little we can find out about this game, it certainly is interesting. Using what appears to be motion sensing controls, the players will be able to punch at enemies and guard against attacks using the hand controllers, as well as discharge a firearm by using a trigger built into the controls. While I hesistate to say that they might be inspired by the Wii (seeing how motion sensitive controls have existed long before Nintendo came around with them, and Konami has been one of the few manufacturers pushing such technologies in arcades for a while now), it’s hard to say that the success of that console hasn’t had any effect on thought in the arcade sector.  The game also comes with a 50″ widescreen monitor, and from the description includes driving, shooting and punching gameplay all in one (basically it’s the three of the most popular arcade genres mixed into the same game) but includes interactivity that reaches new heights thanks to the unique controllers. Personally while all we have to go off of is this picture of the game for the location test, I’m intrigued by what I see so far – it’s something unique and if it controls well it could be quite a success overseas. We’ll keep an eye on this game and Konami, if you are listening, give it an international release!

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