Taito DS Paddle Controller

Twisted Supreme September 24, 2007 0


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While bringing arcade games to your game console is a lot of fun, it does lack the magic of the original, especially when you’re playing with a tiny screen that’s touch-based rather than button or joystick oriented. Purists who find this depressing will be ecstatic over the Taito DS Paddle Controller, which plugs in to your Nintento DS. The dial isn’t just a dial, but a weighted button, giving the exact original-style kickback and spin factor of the old school arcade firing pin. Now all you have to do is take your DS to the pub, find a dirty corner to stand in (preferably with a sticky floor) and spill someone else’s beer on your buttons to complete the illusion. Or you could just stay home and use it in a nice bath. Either way, it’s only available in Japan.

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