First look at Primeval Hunt by Sega

Shaggy September 25, 2007 0


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[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report]

Kevin has sent us a couple of pics of Sega’s latest hunting game, Primeval Hunt. This cabinet looks awesome – highly detailed, nice screen, eye-catching marquee and as you may notice, it also incorporates a touch-screen! We don’t know how it will be used yet, adinohunt11.JPGbut this might be part of how this shooter will differentiate itself from other shooter games (especially other hunting titles which are huge on the bar scene). It is easy to see how this could take hunting games up a notch, although as usual I need to withhold final judgement until I can play the game. If it incorporates online play that would be great. If this comes out at a reasonable price I could go for it as so far this looks like something that would do well at my arcade.

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