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At AMOA 2007, Stern unveiled it’s next pinball table, Wheel of Fortune. WoF Pinball is looking to re-introduce certain aspects that haven’t been seen in pinball games for some time. The cabinet itself fits with the style of the show, with lots of gradient colors and an wofcab.jpgeye-catching backglass design. The backglass even features an old Stern slogan “Play Pinball It’s More Fun To Compete”. Some of the new features are a new design for the dot-matrix display, with scores on the left side, puzzles on the right (with more room dedicated to the puzzles). There also is an LED display right above the flippers on the playfield. To describe a few more differences, Pinball News describes it best:

Wheel of Fortune departs from the traditional arrangement by including two rollover lane between the flippers like those found in games such as Wayne Nyens’s Cow Poke and Buckaroo. This provides a centre post for straight-down-the-middle balls and gives the chance of a Super Spin if the balls rolls over a lit lane.

The two outlanes are divided in two as they head towards the outhole, providing the opportunity for a free spin

We also see the re-introduction of star rollovers on the playfield for the B-O-N-U-S letter jackpots.

wofflip.jpgWheel of Fortune Pinball is set for release next month in November. Head over to Pinball News for the whole deal, along with a few more pictures.

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