AMOA and Fun Expo Report from Play Meter

Shaggy October 3, 2007 0


While it’s not much of a report, it is something. Official numbers: AMOA–3,892 registered attendees, 153 exhibitors, and 482 booths; Fun Expo–1,770 attendees, 221 exhibitors, and 224 booths. There were quite a few good seminars including LCD Monitor Repair (which will become more essential as more arcade games begin using them) and it appears that interest in the FEC side of the business is increasing rapidly.

They mention that there were a number of games shown off at the show, although they do not go out of their way to say what they are except for something called “PlayPortt” which is called “a revolutionary new portable, wireless game and music system for bars, clubs, restaurants and retailers”. Apparently they have integrated a game machine into a portable jukebox that can be used on any bar-top and it uses networking on top of that to increase interest in replays.  Not sure if this will really catch on in arcades but at least it’s an interesting feature for restaurants and bars.

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