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Shaggy October 5, 2007 0

Finally, a detailed report of what when on at AMOA 2007. Next year I plan on going there myself, but wasn’t able to this year.

The reviews come from and focus on a couple of games. At the moment they have posted reviews for two games – Initial D4 by Sega and Silent Hill: The Arcade by Konami. If they post any extra reviews, I’ll update this post.

Both games got good reviews from the site, moreso ID4.  The game really soundssega_initial_d4.jpg impressive, with enhanced racing controls to mimick the real thing, and the driver’s license card save feature sounds very cool.

The reviewer didn’t play much of Silent Hill as it freaked her out a bit – which certainly is the aim of the SH series. A lot of fans (including those who have played it) have ripped this game to shreds although it might please those who aren’t hardcore fans of the game with a nice scare.

Hit the links below to read the full reviews:

[Barcade – ID4 AMOA review] [Barcade – Silent Hill Arcade AMOA review] [Discuss on the Forum]

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