Global VR Updates NASCAR to allow for linking up to 10 cabinets

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It’s not often you find a game that will link more than four cabinets together, much less 10. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to afford that many cabs for my arcade! The newest update to the game (known as Ver 1.1) is free and also allows operators to shut off certain tracks if they wish (although I am not sure what that would accomplish, unless you are doing a one track competition). Finally the update offers support for the motion based version of the game which has been designed for larger locations. All new units being shipped out will include the update.

Ans speaking of units shipped, NASCAR certainly is doing very well at the moment, the press release from GVR states that : “GLOBAL VR has filled orders for literally thousands of games that are finding their way to locations both domestically and abroad.”. You can be sure that Sega and Namco are paying attention to this so that probably means expect to see even more racers in 2008. Personally I’d just be happy with a more affordable Initial D4 cabinet. 🙂

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SAN JOSE, Calif – (October 25, 2007) — GLOBAL VR is pleased to announce that the newly released EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing Version 1.1 will support a location’s ability to link up to 10 game cabinets. Currently, EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing is the only game to support this number of linked cabinets, allowing players to challenge a veritable team of players, making the experience more exciting for players and financially rewarding for operators.

John Ray, GLOBAL VR’s Vice President and Executive Producer commented, “We knew we had a winner from the beginning. The license is terrific, the cabinet design unique, and the game play is easy for beginners while being challenging for hard-core fans. What we are most pleased about however, is the overwhelming increase in revenue locations and operators enjoy when games are linked. We know for sure that games are played longer and more often when players can race against others. It brings the experience to a different level.”

When GLOBAL VR asked players what they most enjoyed about the game, one enthusiastic participant commented, “It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced! I love beating out the other players right at the end and listening to them groan when they see it’s me that won! Most of the guys are not used to loosing to a woman. It’s amazing!”

EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing was introduced to the coin-op industry at the Industry Gala in August, and to the Operators at this year’s AMOA Trade Show in Las Vegas. Since that time, GLOBAL VR has filled orders for literally thousands of games that are finding their way to locations both domestically and abroad.

In addition to the added number of linkable cabinets, Version 1.1 also supports GLOBAL VR’s motion platform and contains subtle new features like the ability for operators to turn on and off certain tracks. GLOBAL VR would like operators to know that this release is available free of charge to customers currently operating EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing games and will come standard on all new game cabinets. For more information, see Service Bulletin SB-038 on the GLOBAL VR Service Website (

For more information on this product, or to find out how you can get your copy, please contact your local GLOBAL VR Distributor, or call GLOBAL VR Service at 408-597-3435.




About GLOBAL VR: Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Jose, California, GLOBAL VR® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coin-operated video games based on home gaming technology. Through the development of proprietary technology, GLOBAL VR is able to leverage the massive investment in development of PC and console games by third party developers by making them suitable for play in out-of-home locations. Development agreements are in place with some of the world’s leading game publishers including Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS), Ubisoft, and Atari (NASDAQ:ATAR). These agreements provide GLOBAL VR rights to create coin-op versions of popular home games such as EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR® GOLF, Underground, NASCAR, Blazing Angels, Beach Head and Operation Blockade. In addition, GLOBAL VR also develops and manufactures products previously marketed under the UltraCade label including Global Arcade Classics and Ultrapin. More information on GLOBAL VR can be found at

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  1. twistedsupreme October 27, 2007 at 3:03 am - Reply

    This is great, why have recent racers not included no more than 4 player support. Theres little that can touch 8 player Daytona to this day, well that was until this news and assuming NASCAR is good fun (have not played it yet) this could be the next big thing.

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