Pac Gentleman impresses with arcade action from the 1880's

Shaggy November 2, 2007 1


OK so it really isn’t from the 1880’s but this sculpted piece of art by an artist known as Doktor A makes one wonder if this is what arcade games would have been like at that period in time. It uses crank driven gameplay and wooden and metallic accents. The artist explains it like this:

“When this game was first released in 1880 it was so hugely popular in taverns and inns that the bank of England was forced to mint more threepenny bits to keep up with demand. The game was created by messrs Nam & Nam and Co. as a novelty pastime for the masses. Outdoing the previous top public house game of Shove Ha’penny. “

Hehe, pretty nice background for the piece, playing on real game history – overall the piece and ‘history’ on it are quite witty. You should be able to check out Doktor A’s work at the Spit & Polish toy show at Cardboard Spaceship in Santa Cruz, CA. The show runs from now through November 30th, 2007.

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