The Pac-Guitar you'll never own

Shaggy November 8, 2007 0

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It still doesn’t cease to amaze me at the number of Pac-Man related products that people make up – Pac-Man himself is like the gift that keeps on giving. The latest in a long line of products to remind people of the most famous dot eater of them all is this Pac-Man Guitar, handcrafted to represent the beloved character (although with the neck of the guitar it appears as though Pac-Man has a long tongue ala Frogger) along with a knob¬† (the eye) which if turned on will activate twelve blinking light bulbs nestled beneath translucent white acrylic on headstock that will blink to the beat of the music you play on the instrument. It’s so cool that if I knew how to play guitar I’d find a way to have a replica made for myself. Alas, there was only one made, so anyone interested in it is up the proverbial creek or is subjected to figuring out how to make one themselves (that or a MS. Pac-Man guitar).

[SPECIMEN Custom Guitars – Pac-Man Guitar] [Discuss on the Forum]

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