The worlds largest arcade machine (for now)

Shaggy November 10, 2007 1


The gamers over at Attack of the Show on G4TV have took it upon themselves to make the worlds largest arcade machine and from the looks of it, they managed to accomplish just that although I am not sure if it is larger than Namco’s insanely large Galaxian 3 cabinet. They didn’t make a game for it specifically, so it’s a huge MAME cabinet but you have to admit, THAT isn’t something you can get at home (or even in the arcade but I digress). The cabinet provides a 70″ projected screen and from the looks of those coin slots, extremely large tokens on top of that. 😉 It also stands 13′ tall and you can catch it tonight on G4TV during Attack of The Show at 7PM (time zone not specified).

[Via Engadget] [Discuss on the Forum]

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