Capcom strengthing focus on it's arcade locations – games next?

Shaggy November 14, 2007 0

[Via NEXT Generation]

A couple of large game companies own and operate their own arcades, in Japan and elsewhere. Some prime examples are Namco and Sega and while it has far fewer locations, even Capcom has some arcades of their own. According to NEXT Generation, Capcom is going to restructure its arcades by closing three unprofitable centers and open eight larger ones in a hope to maximize their profitablitiy by March 2009. This is further evidence of arcades becoming not only profitable again but being far from dead. Of course these are Japanese arcades but perhaps with Capcom showing renewed interest in their arcade locations and with Basara X and Street Fighter IV on the horizon, perhaps 2008 will see a few more announcements from Capcom regarding even more arcade titles.

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