KOF 98 to return to arcades

Shaggy November 29, 2007 0


KOF 98 is the generally considered the best in the ‘King of Fighters’ series, defining what makes a 1-on-1 arcade fighter great. I happen to agree with the statements discussing how awesome KOF ’98 is, in fact I have the game sitting in my garage.

Fans of the game may be pleased to hear that SNK Playmore is planning ontaking the update that will be released on the PS2 called KOF ’98: Ultimate Match and will apply that to arcades as well, just in time for the games’ 10th anniversary. It is unknown what hardware it will run on and what, if any, enhancements it will offer over the PS2 version. The arcade version of the game is expected to see a release in the Spring of 2008.

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