Genna Group Launch Life-Size Games

Twisted Supreme December 3, 2007 0


Now this one intrigues me. Not much is given away by the below description, game wise. But what does sound amazing is the playing area can be up to 1000 square feet, as long as you have enough projectors. Now that’s some crazy sized gameplay area. I’ll look forward to seeing this at the ATEi.


[via Highway Games]

GennaGroup will be launching a new range of games, known as Life-Size games, early next year. The games will be shown on the GennaGroup stand at ATEI 2008, alongside their Play-On Platform and Cabinets.

Life Size Games are interactive installations which allow groups of people to interact naturally with projections which are handled in real-time by a dedicated system. The game style and the nature of interaction are aimed to appeal to a diverse audience, including casual gamers, serious gamers, children and adults.

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Players interact with the game without the need of any external peripherals or tools such as gamepads and controllers. The typical layout of the system consists of one or more ceiling mounted projectors and a computer vision sensor kit. The size of the game court varies depending on the number of projectors, but can be up to one thousand square feet.

The software system is easily configurable for various environmental situations, including light conditions, and can be used indoor or outdoor. The system is based on real-time Computer-Vision and Motion Detection (SpinVector technology), and can host innovative games combining classic arcade fun and natural interaction.

The games will be shown at ATEI 2008, which takes place 22nd to 24th January 2008 at Earls Court, London, UK.

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