Incredible Technologies hires more employees, acquires State Street Games

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Golden Tee developer IT (Incredible Technologies) has just hired on 7 new employees for it’s development staff and they also acquired a game developer known as State Street Games (renamed to IT West). So why does this matter to you? More games from IT, that’s why. Here are a couple of quote from the press release:

 Don’t tell anyone at Incredible Technologies that business in the amusement industry is slow!


 We’re expecting a strong period of growth during the next few years…

We’ve been mentioning that the arcade industry is on an upswing for a while now and where an arcade publisher is saying the same thing it only drives the point home. With the new additions to the company, they hope to get products to the market faster and from the way it sounds, add some new games to their line-up. Frankly, I’m happy to see this happening and I hope they can come up with some great ideas and games that help push this industry forward.

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  1. editor December 10, 2007 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    No matter what proof you place in-front of some people – amusement to them is dead and thats just that!

    Especially with a major down-turn in consumer game sales this Christmas, the backlash of Gamespot-gate and the Nintendo Wii short fall are entrenching many in the consumer games media.

    They are scrambling over a consumer sales decline (PS3 dev kit price drop, and failure to achieve sustained game sales). As EA, and others publishers look at ‘casual’ games the shadow of amusement could be a very bitter pill for some writers.

    The popularity of retro amusement dose not help this – wait till 2008 for the first consumer games mag to cover Tekk6 amusement release!!

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