Mainstream game rag talks about SFIV, ignores arcade version on purpose

Shaggy January 8, 2008 0

Thanks to The Stinger Report we learn that a certain magazine called Edge is running a feature on the new Street Fighter IV, even gracing the cover with either Ken and Ryu. There’s only one little problem that we learn about straight from the Stinger – they intentionally decided to avoiding mentioning the arcade release deciding to focus solely on the console release. Now you may think that a game mag should go out of it’s way to mention all of the versions coming out as a service to it’s readers but as we know certain anti-coin-op biases run deep in many circles and on top of that a lot of mainstream game news resources don’t seem to worry as much about what may be a good service to their readers as it may be to their advertisers. And to top it off let’s be honest, if you want to play a real fighter then the best place to play it is at the arcade and not with a flimsy dual analog controller by yourself at home.

Now I won’t single out just Edge here as I know they are not the only ones guilty of ignoring the arcade version, others have been doing it as well. Let’s just hope that Capcom decides to speak up a little about the arcade version as time goes on and not leave all the torch carrying to us arcade fans.

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  1. editor January 8, 2008 at 6:22 pm - Reply

    Before Future Publishing comes round my office and burns the building down, I need to clarify I have not read the feature yet (please someone read it and tell us ALL the details), I was just given a lead by our source that they had stayed away from going into detail about the games arcade plans and focus on consumer.

  2. HeavyElectricity January 8, 2008 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    I’ve got the magazine, I’ll post up details of the article very soon.

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