One city mulls plugging plug on arcade permits due to bad wiring

Shaggy January 9, 2008 0

Ever since arcades became a business that people could make a decent return on, cities and operators have been at odds many times and because of the negative perception some people hold against arcades, the cities usually win. Now this sometimes is brought on by arcades themselves by not taking the proper steps to ensure safety, as demonstrated in an article in the Brownsville Herald.  The article discusses how the police inspected certain ‘gaming parlors’ and found that the electrical work reminded them of the Christmas Tree effect – where people get carried away in plugging in too many devices into one outlet until something overheats and explodes which could cause little problems such as fires and other nasty things that people generally don’t like to be entangled in.

This comes at an interesting time for myself – I just barely sent in the final paperwork for a place I am going to go into for my own arcade and by next week I should already be working on it. The electrical looks fine but either way it’s a good reminder to double check it and make sure any hazards can be prevented.

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