updated with some cool arcade prototype info

Shaggy January 15, 2008 0

agames.png is a website dedicated to nothing but Atari arcade games, from all phases of the coin-op division at Atari. The website has been updated and with some very cool information including pictures of a prototype game called BMX Heat which used the hardware from Hard Drivin’ but would have used a pedal bike for the controller – the site was also updated with some cool videos of prototypes that I never even knew existed. I’m not sure which videos were added exactly but there is footage of the unreleased BattleStar Galactica laserdisc game, Hot Rod Rebels (based on the SF Rush 2049 hardware and was the last project in the works when Atari games went out of business), Meanstreak, Firebeast, Gremlins, Harescape and more. If you’re an arcade history buff or someone who likes checking out prototype footage it’s well worth checking out.

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