Golden Tee Scratch Cards

Twisted Supreme January 16, 2008 0


Not having any luck winning those Golden Tee tournaments, well now you can try your luck at the Golden Tee scratch cards. Read on for the full story…

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The Illinois Lottery has just released Golden Tee Golf Instant Scratch Tickets for $2. The tickets feature one of the most popular coin-operated video games of all time.  
In honor of the new ticket launch the Illinois Lottery hosted a Golden Tee closest-to-the-pin competition on January 10th at Timothy O’Toole’s in downtown Chicago. This was 1 out of 16 qualifier events. The championship tourney will be on Wednesday, March 12th at The Cubby Bear North in Lincolnshire, IL.  
For a complete list of contest dates and locations, click here.  

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