Play Mechanix hiring for help on "online tournament system"

Shaggy February 9, 2008 1


Play Mechanix, developer of popular arcade titles such as Big Buck Hunter, Aliens: Extermination, and Deal or No Deal has updated their website with two new positions they are looking to fill, specifically for taking care of an “online tournament system.” We know about the Coin-Up tournament system that was being developed for Big Buck Hunter Pro Online but it is not clear if this applies to the same game or something else (perhaps Big Buck Safari?). The two positions are for a Database Programmer and Web Application Developer who will be responsible for the web front-end of the system. On top of this they are still looking for a Video Game 3D Technology Programmer and a Game Programmer to work on further games, presumably for the arcade.

Since new coin-op games are rarely announced before they are ready to go into testing all we can do is guess as towhat it is they are brewing over at Play Mechanix. I am sure they are behind the development of Big Buck Safari but from the sounds of it, there is something else they are doing but we have no idea if that will be for GlobalVR or Raw Thrills’. As always the moment we find out, we’ll be sure to talk about it here. It’s good to see at least one American developer embracing online play in the arcades – while they are far from the first I have found it strange how online play in the States has been rocky at best but I suppose it simply hasn’t been implemented in the smartest way here up until this point.

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