AOU Pamphlets of Street Fighter IV, Blazblue, Jubeat, more

Shaggy February 15, 2008 1

One site has posted scans of some pamphlets of several games being showcased at AOU. All the text is in Japanese of course but you still can get an idea of what’s going on. We do learn that SFIV will use a six button layout (that may have been confirmed elsewhere already but I haven’t read it yet) and Crimson Viper is from the US. They do not have the new character Abel on there so I guess it was printed before they decided to reveal him. Scans via Aries Cubicles.





 Street Fighter IV

aou2008-sf4a.jpg aou2008-sf4b.jpg aou2008-sf4c.jpg aou2008-sf4d.jpg aou2008-sfive.jpg aou2008-sfivf.jpg aou2008-sfivg.jpg  aou2008-sfivh.jpg

Also Kotaku has someone over at the show who has been snapping a lot of pics and writing impressions. It sounds like Street Fighter IV has succeeded in impressing people, all the more reason for an arcade release to come to the States.

Here is a video posted to youtube of SFIV in action by user Gigazine. (via Kotaku)

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